Living in the Light

We are spiritual beings temporarily incarnating in physical bodies. When our physical bodies cease to function or we meditate deeply or sleep soundly, we reenter the nonphysical dimensions of life, or what many call "the heavens," and continue on our soul-life journey. The goal is to expand our awareness, raise our vibrations, and resolve karmic patterns while helping other souls to do this as well. We, our souls, travel in soul groups; therefore we have known most of the people in our lives today on a soul level of awareness. Where is this awareness? It is within us, in the portion of our minds that is just behind a veil that is so subtle we do not sense when we move through it, yet so opaque that we cannot see through it, unless we learn how to make it more transparent, then our inner self and our outer self live this life together – in the Light.

An Enlightened Perspective

© John Van Auken 2016